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We're proud to announce a few things as well as sad to report a few others. Multiplayer will be added after SP is around 90% complete.

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Multiplayer will consist of one game type during the first MP Update.

Kill "Em All Mode - Co-Op with up to 23 other players! All of you will have a brief time once the round starts to setup the base, layout a strategy and "setup shop". The computer will then spawn eneimies at random ensuring a different experience every single round. The computer will use some advanced A.I. features we have implemented into the SP. We're adapting it for multiplayer. The eneimies will work together, communicate and strategize to take the whole outpost out.

But what about if I only have 4 other MP players with me on the server? Is the bugs going to come full force just as they would with 23 other players playing with me?

Simply put, no. The server side AI will calculate how many players you have on your squad and adjust it's difficulty level according to the results found. =)

The first MP Update will feature sadly only 3 different maps. At that time we'll leave it up to the players to create more maps for this MP game mode. As we will then push to finish up the SP 100% as well as start creating new maps for new MP game modes.

Sadlyy, we're only going to be completing one mech suit. Although there will only be one type of mech suit for awhile we are however creating different variations of the suit as well as different colors and weapons. i.e. Support Mech w/ Heavy Machine Gun, Torch Mech w/ Radial Flamethrower, Scout Mech with a modified heavy riffle with a long range scope, A Infantry Mech with a Bereeta MK250 Light Rifle.

You will only begin to use the mech suits AFTER you transfer from the roughnecks to join the HELLS ANGELS. You will only be able to use ONE mech suit, the others will be NPC. For one level you can enjoy it. As doing too much with the Mech Suits make take away from the actually gameplay not to mention all the time and work that would have to go into each one and it may stretch us over a year past our deadline. So expect more and more features to be added over time, again I want us to take our time and not rush anything. As quality product and gameplay would surely make this mod infamous and ovver throw the mod cliche of any Starship Troopers mod.

We actually want to create a short cutscene from being ejected from a craft down onto a planet. Once you reach past the planets upper atmosphere, it will break apart into pieces and the user inside a mech suit will be in the center and left intact and land on the planet.

Cutscenes and Cinematics will be put off until way, way later. The real focus right now is on code and then level design then gameplay. We want it to be a fun experience for all skill levels.


sounds good

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Im glad you guys are doing this! Please don't give up Im a huge fan of SST and am going to get HF2 just for this mod!

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