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Details the Droid Uprising release, the operating systems it supports, and possible sequel in the near future

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Droid Uprising has finally been released. After about nine months of development, it is finally ready to be played. The game does have difficult gameplay, so if you like a good challenge in a game and have noticed the lack of difficulty in games these days, you might want to check it out. It is right now on for $3.99 however it will be put on sale for $2.99 frequently. There is both a windows and a linux version for the game.

Screenshot 9

Screenshot 4 1

Level 3

Level 5 Screenshot

Level 7

Droid Uprising Cover Image L

Seeing that this game has been released, there is currently a sequel in development. So far the animations and graphics in the sequel are far superior to those of this game, however there is not currently a page dedicated to it. After it is ready for screenshots, there will be a page dedicated to it for everyone to possibly compare this game to it.

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