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Drip Drip receives high review scores from many of the gaming press.

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Drip Drip receives high review scores from many of the gaming press. Here are the latest scores and highlights.

Glitch Cat - Review Score 9/10
The game has a very unique visual style that’s definitely its own.
The audio in the game is also very solid, with the spot-on sounds of dripping water and rainfall, and the clinking, clanking of hammers, buckets, pots and pans.
Drip Drip has an impressively long list of achievements for the completionists out there that will guarantee plenty of replay value.
Drip Drip is a quirky and highly addictive strategy game that actually tries something new and does it well. It is a simple game, but it’s also a very fun one, very well worth the price of admission. In my opinion it has very little in the way of flaws since everything actually does come together in a very cohesive way, and is great example of simple yet elegant game design.

Dark Station - Review Score 9/10
Succeeding in everything it sets out to do, and coming in at a very respectable $9.99 price point, Drip Drip is an excellent diversion, especially if you need a break from the heavy video game drops this holiday season has given us.

Techulator - Review Score 10/10
Drip Drip is an awesome game to play and deserves a score of 10 out of 10

True PC Gaming
On the flip side, the character and building art are of extreme high quality. From apartment slums to skyscrapers, every structure is beautifully detailed.
The audio for Drip Drip is great as well.
Drip Drip is a blast to play. The gameplay is extremely easy to pick up and the learning curve on Medium difficulty was almost perfect. Drip Drip is one of those titles in the same vein as Peggle or Plants vs. Zombies where you begin to play just for a few minutes, but before you know it, two hours have passed.
For fans of the dash genre, Drip Drip is a must-have title. The great presentation, cute characters and crazy fun add up to time and the asking price of $9.99 well spent.

Gamezebo - 3.5/5 stars
Unique, downright clever concept. Lots of different tools to unlock.

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