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Drifter 0.6.0 is now available on Steam Early Access! 0.6.0 is pretty substantial, containing new ships, station environments, UI improvements and more!

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After perhaps far too long Drifter 0.6.0 (code name "Narcissus") has been released!

This is a very substantial update that includes a large number of improvements, additions, and bug fixes to the game.

Drifter Screenshots Drifter Screenshots

As well, considering the under the hood changes I've taken the time to make in 0.6.0, I am working to avoid any more long development delays and get to actually completing Drifter some time before 2015 is out (hopefully much sooner than that of course). In fact, my current plan is to deliver many smaller updates with a turn around time of 2-3 weeks from here on out until the game is finished.

Some highlights of this update include:

- Initial space station interiors
- 5 new ships
- New ship equipment icons
- A large number of user interface improvements both under the hood and visually
- Initial keyboard support for GUI interaction (with controller support coming soon)

For the full details, check the release notes page on the wiki:

Existing save games from 0.5.3 should still work with 0.6.0.


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