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Until December 12, 11:59pm, you can own a 3D puzzle-platformer with 2D animation, with Desura and Steam Greenlight keys for only $1!

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"Drew and the Floating Labyrinth" is IndieGameStand's featured PWYW deal from December 9 to December 12. Choose your price, or beat the average for bonus items including a dialogue script, wallpapers and posters! Pay $1 and get Deura keys with your purchase (and Steam keys if successful on Steam Greenlight)!

"Drew and the Floating Labyrinth" is a hand-drawn 3D puzzle-platformer. Control Drew, a lost young girl trying to find her way back home, through a series of abstract levels requiring you to use clues in the environment to find invisible paths, gaining color to her black-and-white character as you progress. - Featuring traditional animation in a fully third-person 3D environment, showing the possibilities of image-based animation (not relying on 3D models) in any type of game.
- Basic, challenging, yet not frustrating, requiring patience and observation. Consists of short invisible platforming levels using a variety of visual clues to help the player find their way to the end of each environment, requiring you to look before you leap.
- Simple story leading to an emotional conclusion.
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