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This is about how dreams play an important part of telling the story of "The End".

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I always knew that I was going to have to incorporate some sort of back story into the game, but I didn't want the players just to read it off of the characters in the game (which they will, undeniably), I wanted them to be able to play through it.
I originally planned to make a prequel after this game, detailing how this all came to be, who the invader was etc.
But instead I figured "Nah, sequels or prequels never go too well, I need to find some other way of doing this",
and then, after about an hour of writing down possibilities, I realized the best way of doing it...

I realized that, when you dream, you can find out a lot about the backstory of you, and the memories, fears, and joyous things you have locked in your subconcious come flooding out when you're dreaming.
I wanted Mark (the game's protagonist) to delve through his own psyche in these dreams and try to piece together the puzzle of who "the Invader" is.
The dreams can be simple, from just walking home to your wife, to fighting off some soldiers in the war.

I'll announce more about the dreams later in development.

Until next time.

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