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Announcing Dreamer's Tomb, a 2D procedurally generated roguelike. Delve into endless rooms of enemies, loot and increasing difficulty.

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Dreamer's Tomb

Dreamer's Tomb is game I am developing for a while now on my own. The main idea of this project is to create a roguelike dungeon crawler with high replay value. This game is still very early in it's development stage. Project was born from many unreleased projects of mine and ideas I had for a while.

At the moment I am trying to release at least 1 update every week. This helps me to get instant feedback on recent changes and to stay motivated.

Current features:

  • Procedural level generation (early version)
  • 3 enemy types and a boss
  • Loot and upgrades (item pool is still quite small)
  • Basic level progression
  • Combat system

Features in development:

  • More enemy types
  • Story mode
  • Different level events
  • More loot!
  • Procedural difficulity progression
  • and more!

Main goal is to create a full featured story mode and then build upon it. Story mode is going to be structured but not linear. Also I am plannin on adding some online features like hi-scores and some other secret ways for players to communicate so that dungeons don't feel so lonely.

I am aiming to create a system in which every run is fun, challenging and rewarding. This may take a while to polish, that's why I need your feedback!

Here you can see some gameplay:

Getting an upgrade from boss:

Necromancer reviving his allies:

Loot is going to be devided into 3 types: simple stat upgrades (speed, damage for example); special items that are more complex and work best in synergy with other items/events; legendary/rare items that partially or completely change the way you play.

Here are some upgrade examples:

Boots of Speed (increased speed):item1; Universal Potion (increases chance to get potions):item2; Drug Abuse (save up potions to drink after):item3; Diamond Arrowheads (increased damage):item4;

Thanks for your attention!

You can download early version of the game from

Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome! Feel free to leave a comment or contact me @valentin_f01

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