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2 years of Dream Knights development - reflecting on the past and present.

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To mark 2 years of Dream Knights development I decided to start blogging the development experience:

It was two years ago this November when I felt that I had come to a stand-still with the previous game that I had been working on. In reflection I hadn't listened to my lecturers advice about not throwing too many ingredients into the mixing pot of design.

It was whilst watching 'Indie Game: The Movie' that I decided I would start a new game, but re-use the best of the old art from the previous game to save time on re-developing art. This time I would try to stick to a simple platform game mechanic.

Dream Knights is a surreal action platformer which I have managed to get controller support in-game for. I aim to engage the player's imagination by taking influence from surreal art and abstract art and translating these ideas into quirky illustrated characters and environments.

I would like to implement co-operative and online play for Dream Knights with different game modes, including pvp. I aim to release Dream Knights on Steam and Xbox Live.

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