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Updates on Dream Knights - developing animations, narrative, art, bug-fixing

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For the past month I have been re-developing the narrative and adding a lot of additional animation and bug-fixes.

I aim to take a surreal approach to the animation. For example, when Fudge is blown up then he his literally blown to pieces in a more comical than realistic way. I want to use over-the-top cartoon gore to add to this effect.

Other such animations will include Fudge swelling up and bursting like a balloon. I want to have fun with how bizarre and outrageous I can develop the animation to be and might experiment some more with particle effects. I think I need to work on developing anticipation or build up in my animations (like when a pitcher winds up to throw the ball).

I will also soon be re-developing some character art and the text and its display format in-game.

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