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Tall ship studio is Excited to announce that DREAD: Book of Lovecraft is now live on Kickstarter!

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It’s time to bring Dread back to horror games...

And so we shall! Remember when Halloween night brought that lurking kind of fear? When you were afraid of what might be around the corner? A team of game designers has assembled to pit you against your biggest fears. We are launching a Kickstarter campaign beginning today ( October 31st, 2014) for our adventure-horror game Dread. We have spent the last year and a half following our passion, making a game that will use your own mind against you. We hope that you will follow our passion too.

Dread goes live on Halloween night, and the creators themselves will be posting a playable demo so that everyone can get a feel for the game’s mood. Also, Dread will include features that would take your personal reaction to scares into account, and affect gameplay. In this campaign, everyone that backs them will be entitled to great rewards, and the game itself will be offered at $15.00 for those who back the project early, and $20.00 after those supplies are exhausted. Regular retail price for Dread will be $39.99.

About the Game:
Dread is a nightmarish, immersive next-gen adventure horror experience, built in Unreal 4 to AAA quality at an Indie price. We want you to be afraid of what is around the corner when you turn the game off, and where your nightmares may take you. When you close your blinds at night after playing our game, and wonder what might be behind your cracked closet door, we know we have done our jobs right. After all, it’s the things we can’t see that scare us the most.

What’s the hook? Dread has been set up in the most nightmarish settings of literary classics such as those of Lovecraft, Shelley, Poe, and more. The developers have set up ways to use the camera of the players’ computers to place them in settings, or to use the players’ microphones to affect the enemies’ responses and the nightmare itself.

Where can fans find our Campaign?

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We appreciate the value you place on games of excellence, and every share, like, tweet, or reblog gets us closer to our goal. Thank you so much for sharing Dread with everyone!

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