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There is now a workable item box and drawer, more to add for the re2 feel of originality.

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This will bring advancements to the mod as far as being able to obtain important items, BUT the key is - You have to know where you're looking ;)
The Item box is another additive ---- its importance arrives with a variety of situational happiness as far as weaponry, and not to mention a couple of medkits right up your ass! err I mean right up into your face to give a nice refill of your fiddled whittled life

More news to come, there will be a little more changes coming soon ---- ((Being able to hit e (use) displaying a text description of information of what you're looking at - just like the original ))

And like I said before, don't hesitate to contact -- we are still looking for coders/scripters/programmers, modelers, etc.

Please contact us ------- Thanks

Yours truly, Duane Merrit.

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