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Added new enemies, new game play features, and an epic space-locomotive.

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Hey everyone! I wanted to get this out before Christmas, it's packed with goodies and I think overall the game has been much improved by the new additions.

You can play the game for free here: Dwarf Space: Reactor Command.

*Added Music

*Player controls reactor power output, which turrets and mead production are now dependant on.

*A crew member has been added to help keep the reactors cool and to deliver mead to the transport ship (only after the reactors are taken care of...for obvious reasons...)

*The transport ship has been upgraded to an awesome space-locomotive-engine, and now will come under focussed attack by unibees when it docks, if the transport is destroyed it's game over!

*Completely new UI with flashing alerts and clear bars to indicate what's happening (still missing a few things, but those will be added in the next update)

*Buffed the machine-gun, much more satisfying now.

*Nerfed the shotgun, was too OP before.

*Added 2 new types of Unibees; tiny red ones that focus on attacking the player, and giant green ones that focus on doing massive damage to turrets.

*I cleaned up the tooltips a bit, (still needs a bit more tinkering though).

*Added option to disable physics-corpses of enemies for lower end machines.

*Added toggleable Anti Aliasing.

Well that's about it, I may have left a couple things out, but you'll discover them when you play! I have a few more things I want to do, maybe even make the game into a commercial release, but I'll discuss that in a future update when I have everything planned in my head. I know there will be at least one more update to the game, it will add more crew options and armed crew members for when things get really intense, maybe a few other trifles as well.

Stay tuned! And thanks for reading!


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