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The second log for the dragonmount update, bringing new Aiel, Borderlanders, and more.

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This is the second log for the Dragonmount update. This one is the big one:


Massive increase in regions, with places like Salidar, Four Kings, Shadar Logoth, Samara, and many more places added to the campaign, increasing play time and replayability. Made dragonmount a volcano, though with no scheduled eruptions. There is now an important character trait, making characters from the books near unkillable in battle or assassination. Ergo: Plot Armor.


  • Shienaran Infantry:
    • Sword and shield infantry with good attack and defense, making them ideal line holders.
  • Shienaran Infantry (Greatswords):
    • Greatsword armed assault infantry.

Faction Rework:

The Aiel are vastly different to play now. Instead of being the faster but still basic spear infantry, they play more like the Huns from Atilla. Some units have javelins, Algai'd'siswai have bows, Aiel have more attack, morale. Combined with the hide anywhere, they can easily evade the enemy and attack them on their own terms. Rahien Sorei also use two spears now.


Simply put, I'm redoing the faction symbols, making the emblems larger among other changes.

AndorPadan Fain

New Faction:

Padan Fain has joined the game, with an interesting faction. He has access to the Darkfriend Units, Trollocs, and Myrddraal. Alongside that, he has Soiled Whitecloaks, and most importantly, Mashadar. Mashadar is a unit which has absolutely no defense, though a good attack. To balance this, it has a high number of hitpoints, meaning that it can soak up damage, especially from archers. Channelers or flaming artillery, however, wipe through it.


Soiled Whitecloaks

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