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Another weekend update telling you the latest update to the game and whats new.

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So, what goodies can we offer you this weekend?
Well at least things now work as intended. After our last patch both user registration and the tutorial broke! However, it’s not all bad news of what errors we caused ourself and fixed, here are some actual goodies for all of you:

Stackable cards

When we implemented action cards we quickly saw that having the option to group them together would be immensely useful. So we added stacking on action and equipment cards.

Sell it all

While we were at it, we added the option to sell as many potions as you want without having to click 200 times:

Balancing changes

  • Hologev
    Archer – Arrow rain: Lowered AP cost by 1 and gold cost by 10
  • Highwind
    Recruit – Shield basher: Lowered damage by 1
  • Rutai:
    Berserker – frenzied: Updated attack(see below)
    Berserker – Maze Swing: Change damage from 12 to 20 due to high price and self damage.
    Berserker: Increased market price from 8000 to 10000
    Supply Wagon – Supplies: Changed 1+ adjacent ranged to DMP
    Recruit – Frenzied: Renamed to “uncontrolled“, increased damage by 2 and increased self damage by 1
  • World
    Drak Eagle Egg – Wobble: Now hurt itself with 12 per action making it a bit more useful
    Draekas Soldier – Corroding Spit: Lowered AP cost by 1

New Cards or actions:

This week we don’t have any new cards, but we have balanced the Berserker to be a bit more useful. Before he could attack 3 times for a total of 30 damage. We felt this was a bit overkill and have changed the way he works. You now no longer get 30 dmg easily, but if you play him correctly he will be more powerful than before.

Old one on the left, new action on the right


  • Fixed search button not being removed upon starting a ai game
  • allow to choose selling cards not in deck
  • notification when invited to clan, takes to competitive
  • add notification when user is friended
  • add search animation
  • fix low multiplayuer timeout
  • allow admins to search indefinitely
  • add visible indication to adventure completeness
  • updated consent settings for promo mail
  • Fixed daily quests not being reset properly
  • Admin: cardpack overview
  • Admin: Re-added option to set market price on action cards

Known bugs:

  • Hit animation stuck
  • Adventures being won when you loose


We’ve released the game to download through

Currently available for Linux & Windows (mac release planned)

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