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Another weekend update, this time with only minor changes.

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No, this is not the Blink 182 song from the 00’s, but our first “weekend” update. Each weekend we will give you an update on what’s new. Some weekends, like this, there are no big changes, but just a lot of small changes and fixes as we are slowly progressing to the next major patch.

Notification badge

First up, we have made a minor visual update to game notifications. Next time a friend comes online, you will see a notification badge:

Useful notifications

This is a small update, but will allow us to expand on the system later to notify about other things, such as ingame updates, server updates, friend & clan request, clan updates and more.

Searching while doing other things

Another quality-of-life change is the ability to do things while searching for opponents or challenging your friends. Previously, when you searched or challenged friends, the entire UI was blocked. Now you can continue doing things in-game while waiting for opponents to come online, or friends to respond. Yay!

Look how subtle and unobtrusive it is

A not so small thing

The whole game has received an overhaul lately, but some parts have been lagging behind. The adventure screen has been one of those. Although we did not plan on releasing any big changes this week, we felt this change was too good to pass up.
The old adventure screen:

Old adventure screen

While it looks ok, it’s not up to par with the current version of DragonEvo. It’s a remnant of the old UI, and so we are changing the look and feel of it to this:

New fresh updated adventure screen

We think this is much better and gives you a much better overview than before.

Patreon love

This week we also implemented our first Patreon perks to the game.
All Patreons will now recieve 1 special card backside, 2 x 4th tier cardpacks and their avatar will show a Coin symbol to indicate that they are supporting the game. Should you inspect their profile, it will also show on their profile as well. These are only the first perks, and once we release more features, more benefits will be rewarded to our Patreons.

Email – Issues & Updates

Continuing on Notifications, this one related to privacy: We now require all registered players to opt in / out to emails. If you haven’t already done so, you will see this dialog next time you log in, and all new users will get this during the initial profile set up.

No spamming allowed.

We have also updated all our emails to include a link to the profile configuration where you can opt in or out from these emails at any time.

If you have, or are receiving unwanted mail from us, please email support(at) or message “thondal” on Discord.

Emails, spam filters and notifications are always going to be a battle to get right, but we want to be open, transparent and never spam you. Let us know if you are having problems receiving emails from us and we’ll see what we can do.

Minor changes

Notable general changes
Lowered cost for regular cards, increased for higher tier

  • Hologev
    Guard – Noble guardian: Lowered self damage
  • Highwind
    Hunter – Heart Pierce: Lowered initial damage, added bleed 4
  • Rutai:
    Berserker: lowered AP cost of two actions
  • World
    Added minor upkeep for “Strange sign” card
  • Other changes:
    With the help from one of our contributors we are updating some of the tutorial descriptions. We would like to give a huge thank you to “Floofy” who is helping us with this and many other time consuming tasks.


  • Added opt in/out system for game email
  • Fixed login not showing error when failing
  • Updated gamemode selection cards
  • Backend: Updated email system
  • Backend: Updated email consent
  • Backend: add simultaneous online users statistics to admin frontpage


We’ve released the game to download through

Currently available for Linux & Windows (mac release planned)

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