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Release of another version of DragonEvo. A major update to the gameboard and some other new features.

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Initially aiming for March, 1.1 – Canopy owl was delayed slightly, but for a very good reason. Not only are we bringing you new cards, updated adventures and some minor visual changes, but we are releasing a completely new “Battleboard” for DragonEvo and a brand new tutorial system. We couldn’t be more excited to show you this. READ ON! Oh, if you missed our last month’s update here is a link to it.


We’re so excited that we just start right of showing you the biggest change to the ingame board that we have done since we started Dragonevo. If you are a Patreon you have already seen the wip for this.

Way back when we started developing DragonEvo, the gameboard looked vastly different, but we quickly figured out that we needed a different layout. And so we made a board with the new layout… and after some iterations we were happy and it kind of just stuck. And we continued to focus on all the other parts of the game, but now the time has come to finally give the board some love.

So, here are the first two battleboard scenes:

DragonEvo Field Board – Canopy Owl version

DragonEvo Desert board – Canopy Owl version

Canopy Owl will introduce the Fields and Desert board, but these are just the first of many such boards.

Eventually we will have one for each different type of scenario.
Jump right in to test it!

See all the major changes the board has been through

See all the major changes the board has been through


Not Ready Animation

Until now, whenever a card had been used or not yet in play it looked like this:

Very subtle and a bit difficult to spot

Now it’s displayed like this:

We think it looks much better, what do you think?


As several of you have repeatedly pointed out to us, some of the more advanced part of DragonEvo’s game system were a bit difficult to master without us explaning them, so we have extended the simple tutorial into a 3-part introductory tutorial series for all new players.

For those of you who have already started playing or want to redo the introduction you can find the new tutorials under Play -> training.

All players can now learn and practice any time

April card update

As last months update brought new cards to the Rutai Faction, we have worked now also released similar cards for the other two factions, as well as two cards in the world faction which can be used by everyone.


Nothing like a little bit extra courage


A cute companion for your archers



In case you missed it, we recently released a quest tracker, giving you daily, weekly and weekend quests with different rewards. We will continue to polish this for 1.2 – Floating carrot

Adventure updates

Our monthly update to adventures brings these changes:

  • Mountain Walk
    – Part 1 – New cards and rewards
    – Part 2 – Description, updated cards
    – Part 3 – New cards, rewards and description

As always, it’s super exciting to see you all playing the game! Feel free to join us on Discord or send feedback our way in-game if you have comments, ideas or just want to talk card games!

1.2 – Floating carrot

«What’s next», we hear you say with your odd German accent?
Well, we don’t want to set any date for this, but as with 1.1, 1.2 will come in monthly patches before wrapping it all up when we feel it’s ready.

We will continue to polish existing features and make the game ready for Mobile.

One of our next features up, is something called “The album“. You can read more on this in our next devblog (or sooner if you sign up for our Patreon updates).

In terms of balancing you will see a shift of strength in all factions as they are being balanced towards their faction strengths/weaknesses.

Hologev – Stronger ranged attacks, weaker melee attacks
Highwind – weaker ranged and melee attacks but more special attacks
Rutai – Stronger melee, weaker ranged

Other planned changes:

  • Automatic AI replacement if an opponent quits mid-game
  • Clans V2 (Clan perks, clan descriptions, Clan rankings, Clan finder)
  • Time penalties in-game
  • Easier way to sell multiple identical cards on the market
  • New Action cards/Features
  • The album!

Other fixes
This month’s also fixes a couple of issues as always.

  • Fixed an error during password reset
  • Fixed an action event bug for self damage increase
  • Smoother animations for card placement and moving around
  • Fixed an issue with replacing a card already on the board
  • Fixed a matchmaking error
  • Added better eventlogging ingame
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