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A article containing all the information regarding the initial 1.0 release of DragonEvo the card game (codename: Frozen Fish) . The game is finally out of Beta. Still a lot of new features planned and in develeopment, the game is now no longer considered Beta.

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Aaah.. do you feel that? Fresh air… well, fresh ish – but along with the fresh air comes fresh news!

We have to admit, we were kind of deceiving ourselves. After playing the game day in and day out for so many years, we didn’t realize how many gamebreaking bugs there really were. After some painfully honest feedback over the summer we decided to address some of the core issues to be released in a new patch. But then … something happened.

As we went ahead and refactored things, updated designs and finished some of the features that were only half started, we also realized how close we were to our initial vision and it became less of a “how about we patch things up so people don’t get bummed out” and more of a “Hey we are really close now, how about we just finish the core game?”

So… here we are: DragonEvo TCG 1.0 – Frozen Fish. The game is so full of fixes, changes and new features that we just went ahead and gave this release a name: “Frozen Fish“.

That’s right, because nothing is as fresh as a frozen fish! Unless you get a fresh one… but then you would have to have a fishing pole, take the time to actually fish, and who’s got time for that – this is basically the same thing.
Jokes aside, we called this “frozen fish” as we are thawing DragonEvo from it’s frozen state of alpha/beta into a stable and alive 1.0 release… mind you, it’s still frozen – as we have much more to add to the game – but the game is full of content, as bugfree as a fish and so many features have been added that makes it fun and interesting to play!

So.. what’s new and what’s next? Read on for detailed information.

New features:

Don’t want to read ALL the details? Well, here is a summary:

  • No longer beta or early access – this is the real deal!
  • New attack-back system
  • Redesigned economy including upkeep costs
  • Expand your decks with new heroes without paying
  • Visual improvements on the animations. Smoother animations and fewer glitches in the animations.
  • Vastly redesigned home screen and improved UI for all screens
  • New ranking system
  • Clans
  • Improved Deck builder
  • Adventure updates
  • Card Packs
  • Updated Achievements

“The art of strategy”

On our newly released website you will see that we really pride ourself with the statement: “This is not a game of luck but the art of strategy”.
Sure, in its simplest form the game can be played without any focus on strategy – but once you get past the starting cards you will see why we say this. In the released version we’ve focused a lot on bringing the game closer to this vision, with several new features to do so.

New “Attack back” system – When a card is attacked it will automatically “attack back” using the card’s main action.
The cards still respect the ranged/melee rules in-game making a strategic choice here sometimes fatal for your opponent.

Upkeep – To improve the game balance you may notice that as soon as you drift away from your starter pack you will have to manage your resources much better in-game. We hope this will bring you both pleasure and pain in the games to come.

Balancing changes – Too little time was spent during Early Access to get the balance right. With a renewed focus the Adventure mode and AI has been improved a lot. Keep in mind that balancing is a constantly ongoing process, and we really appreciate your feedback.

With the help of an external resource(“GenusNymphicus”) we will be implementing a new system for balancing cards as well. This will make the different factions play better on their strengths and weaknesses

Heroes can now be bought for in-game currency
(Adaptorite, the gems, can only be acquired by playing the game)

HEROES FOR EVERYONE! – In early access you could only get a hero in the beginning of the game, limiting your game experience. We are now releasing all heroes on the market for in-game Adaptorite and they no longer require you to buy them for real money.

Market updates – You can now sell your excess cards so you may buy that one card you want from the market. The market has also received an overhaul showing many more card details.

Still in it’s early stages, but soon a lot of more functionality will be added to the Clan page.

Clans! – Currently a bit limited in features but you may now team up with your friends and form clans. This will soon impact your rewards in many different ways as the clan grows, with planned “Clan Perks”. Your clan ranking will also give you different season rewards and better card pack rewards.

Adventure mode is now in fullscreen mode and all adventures have been redone

Adventure update – As part of getting ready for the SinglePlayer Campaign mode we have added a “scenario builder” to allow us to decide the initial layout for each adventure and each card. This makes each adventure a different experience and – in many cases – changes the way you have to play to be able to win the adventure.

Deckbuilder has recieved a complete overhaul

Deck builder – We have rewritten the deck builder from scratch to show you more of the information you really need as well as add several new features to it. For example “limit certain cards”, lock down cards to hero faction and redone the flow of creating a deck. We will continue to improve upon the deck builder based on player feedback.

These beautiful packs can be opened for free!

Card packs – in addition to being able to buy cards on the market you will now receive card packs when playing the game. In addition to packs received while playing the game, a new free card pack is released every 4 hours. Cards pack has to be unlocked – either by waiting or paying to bypass the timer.

True to our “no pay to win” philosophy, we are doing our best to balance grind towards helping us support running the game. You can of course just wait until the timer runs out and then open it for free. It’s all up to you.

See you in-game!

Even though this is a “final release”, it’s still just the first version of many to come. In the coming days and weeks we will be monitoring player feedback closely, so please drop by our Discord server if you want to get talking, or send us your feedback!

Changes & Fixes:

  • Added: New login and account verification system
  • Added: a skip tutorial function
  • Added: timeout on challenge
  • Added: clan badges
  • Added: card tilt on placement animation
  • Added: action card counter and filter ingame
  • Added: Automatic free card packs
  • Added: Sell cards
  • Added: Upgrade on equipment cards
  • Added: Scenario builder for Adventures
  • Added: Logout/sign out button
  • Added: Max level of 10 on all cards
  • Added: Button to navigate to gameguide and support from the UI
  • Added: “Skip Tutorial” button during first tutorial
  • Added: More keywords for better readability on the cards
  • Added: Sound effects for card opening
  • Added: Edit and read bio
  • Fixed: my cards view on Equipment
  • Fixed: Resolved used card state
  • Fixed: Card upgrade shows selected cards
  • Fixed: set spawned cards to up to half the level as origin
  • Fixed: Added online friends to top of friend list
  • Fixed: Redone adventures with new and playtested features
  • Fixed: end turn logic for starting and ending a turn
  • Fixed: Self stun is more consistent and correct now
  • Fixed: Greyed out button in market when out of gold
  • Fixed: hero attacks to better work with their faction and cards
  • Fixed: AI attacking on card hand after spawning cards
  • Fixed: Action cards is now usable again
  • Fixed: Missing action cards
  • Fixed: Sounds sometimes trigger before the soundlist is loaded
  • Fixed: spawn card bug
  • Fixed: decks in card counting error and message
  • Fixed: undead cards being replenished on end turn
  • Fixed: cards put to “used in this turn”
  • Fixed: targeting and moving around cards issue
  • Fixed: animation for several Automation cards
  • Fixed: Challenge window not disappearing after accepting challenge
  • Fixed: hero damage issues
  • Fixed: AI targeting issues from second row
  • Fixed: navigation issues
  • Fixed: deckbuilder not saving equipment correctly
  • Fixed: Better equipment display in deck builder
  • Fixed: ranking issues
  • Fixed: gold balance after different game modes
  • Fixed: Missing hero attacks
  • Fixed: Gameboard “slide” effect on start
  • Fixed: Adventure mode now works again
  • Fixed: Chat taunts processed immediately
  • Fixed: Undefined daily login bug
  • Fixed: Several gamebreaking bugs releated to card phoenix effect
  • Fixed: Several issues related to advance actions have been resolved
  • Fixed: Overlapping buttons in the market
  • Fixed: Stop potions from decreasing DMP on own cards
  • Fixed: Show correct achievement text
  • Fixed: Purge of unused accounts
  • Fixed: Moved website to a
  • Fixed: Remove PvE turn timer
  • Fixed: Major parts of tutorial redone
  • Fixed: Unhighlight highlighted card when highlighting a card
  • Fixed: Better display damage on cards
  • Fixed: Admit Defeat button in all game modes now works again
  • Fixed: Cards in back row should now be attackable every round
  • Fixed: Reduced initial loading times from 30seconds to 5seconds
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