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Time to start to work Hard! I just come back from Holiday and it's time to complete the Demo! So.. Here is for you lots of screenshot!

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After i change the Level design 4312653127 Times not looks better!

My object is to complete the Demo Soon as possible! Right now i finished the 2 level and i need to implement some Enemy and make better level design.

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I was think to start from 0 my enemy i could create the Darkness hero ( Enemy ) This darkness Hero will spawn when you enter in determinate area in the map of the level 2.

the enemy is a controlled spirit for the Chaos Crystal ( The chaos Crystal is a container where these spirits will re-spawn all the time ) the only way is to destroy it...And when you will destroy the Crystal all the enemy will disappear.

Ah! I forgot! i create some parts of the maps you will find very annoying butterfly!

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When the Dragon step will go inside these areas you will be followed from lots of Butterfly! but they will make you slow down your speed!! So..Stay away!!

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26757152 2031295120480089 572574

26840630 2031295563813378 508481

26840760 2031296810479920 217903

26849921 2031293797146888 115709

26910366 2031296753813259 207899

26910897 2031294823813452 871255

26962277 2031296333813301 720855

26951746 2031295160480085 449203

27021643 2031296547146613 754421

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