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Two new releases and progress on the App Store situation.

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Drag[en]gine Game Engine Release 1.9

Some of the changes:

  • Added ECBehaviorGrabSpot and ECBehaviorGrabber. Can be used for VR grabbing but also physics game mechanics.
  • Improved Blender exporting and importing.
  • Various UI Widget improvements in DragonScript.
  • Added Mirror Animator Rule. This simplifies creating left/right body mirrored animations.

See the full changelog here: Changelog Release 1.9.

Also managed to get the Drag[en]gine on the Microsoft App Store. You can install it from there to get automatic updates

The IGDE submission is still being worked on. Certification of the submission is still stalled but should move on soon.

DEMoCap Release 0.4

Some of the changes:

  • Improved neck and spine handling for non-human motion capture. Long necks and variable spine sizes work better now. Some motion range testing: Video.
  • Added support for bend shape type to fine tune neck/spine bending.
  • Added 3-direction arm reach scaling to fine tune arm motion capturing.
  • Reworked UI to group widgets into major groups for easier use.
  • Added wrist mounted VR menus on both hands with configurable panel to show for easier working in VR.
  • Added help buttons to show Wiki help pages for various UI locations.
  • Added support for video camera placement. You can show the camera image in your VR HUD to see what you capture while doing the capture.
  • Added manual object/actor navigation (position, rotation for X, Y and Z axis) to make precise positioning easier
  • Added HMD stalling protection. If your HMD in VR does not move due to bad character setup the camera is detached so you can fix it.
  • In case this still does not work added button combo (hold both hand triggers then press both hands menu button) to activate calibration mode.

The DEMoCap submission to the Microsoft App Store is still being worked on. Certification of the submission is still stalled but should move on soon.

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