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A short talk about the journey so far including updates for the futures as well as short term ideas.

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What a wild ride this has been so far. When I started this project I was just messing around with the Unity Engines navigational system when I thought how fun it would be to make a zombie type game using this mechanic. Some time later and here we are! We have two different social media blogs, a website, as well as an ability to download the game on this wonderful site! Although we are far from being down we think that this is a wonderful opportunity to take. Some plans from the future are to start up the business/company officially, start up our kickstarter to help development of the game and future projects, and of course finish the game! Some near-by goals are all about getting some better art for the characters and environment as well as work on bug fixes. Although the fan base isn't that large, I (David) would like to thank you all for the support through this time! Be sure to stay tuned in on our website as well as check for new updates.

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