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Ya3dag has updated to V1.20. Main features are high resolution textures with 24 bit color for .bsp models and phong shading for .bsp models.

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Here are the downloads for Ya3dag V1.20. The downloads are on FilePlanet. You need a login (no fee) at FilePlanet. Older downloads you can find at
The picture below shows the main features of the new update, high resolution textures and phong shading.

V1.20 high resolution textures and phong shading

Game download

Ya3dag_V1.20_Installer.exe Size of download is 190 MByte.

This is a windows installer for the game Ya3dag.
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Summary of changes for the update of Ya3dag V 1.20.

  • High resolution texture support for Ya3dag and Qoole (the .bsp model editor).
  • All textures for the .bsp models were revised. There are now about 2600 textures. Color depth is 24 bit. Many of them have double resolution.
  • Phong shading for .bsp models. Models with curved surfaces now appear smooth. Phong shading is not yet working perfectly. However, the results are impressive.
  • If the current weapon is a spell, then there is a visual effect on the player's hand (for Q3 player models only).
  • Ya3dag Leveleditor
    • For misc_actor, the player models are grouped by model. Per playermodel there is now a subdirectory with the skins grouped together. This results in faster access of models/skins for misc_actor.
    • The brightness of lava can be adjusted in 3 steps.
  • Bugfixes
    • Q3 schader script
      Function: rgbGen wave
      Multiply with and add of was done twice.
    • func_train model into nirvana.
    • Crash after loading level with a func_train.
    • LoadJPG() function, the final FS_FreeFile() of the image raw data was missing.
    • After changing levels, Q3 Player models lost the current weapon model (the weapon holding in the hand).
  • And many more small changes.

Source code download Size of download is 22 MByte.

Step 1
Download the sources.
Step 2
To get access to textures, game script and documentation files from the project, unzip the game data in BaseQ2\Q2T_BaseQ2.pkz and RRGame\Q2T_RRGame.pkz. Rename the .pkz files to .zip and unzip it into ...\Ya3dag\BaseQ2 respectively into ...\Ya3dag\RRGame.
Step 3
Unzip the download into the folder of your Ya3dag game installation.

You will get this subdirectories below the Ya3dag folder:

  • BaseQ2
    From the Ya3dag game installation.
  • RRGame
    From the Ya3dag game installation.
  • RRGameDocs
    From the Ya3dag game installation.
  • Ya3dag_GameTools
    Tools, added from this download.
  • Ya3dag_src
    Program sources, added from this download.

The sources and tools are:

  • Quake2Terrain. This will compile Quake2Terrain.exe (the main program and graphic engine) and Quake2Terrain_gl.dll (the interface to OpenGL).
  • Q2Tgamex86DLL. This is the source code for Q2Tgamex86DLL.dll (the so called 'game .dll'). This program is responsible for the game logic.
  • Qoole99.exe, a bsp model editor (adapated for Ya3dag). Note that all .bsp model are included in the download (the .qle files in ...\Ya3dag\BaseQ2\maps).
  • Ya3dag_qbsp3.exe, a program to convert map files to bsp files.
  • Ya3dag_minizip.exe, a program to create the pkz files (minizip console application).
  • Ya3dag_LanguageExtract.exe, a program to collect the language strings from sources and script files.

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 was used to compile the above things. The workspaces use only relative path information (hopefully).

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