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So, we have just started developing this mod... But we have a problem...

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Hello guys!

Masterworm2 here and I've just started developing the mod with the assistance of the legendary 3aGl3 and Hajas. However as a team of three we cannot do all the work. We need your assistance! They are both ONLY assisting, not actually delving deep in with me into the mod. So basically it's just me...

BUT... I ask all of you now, I need your help. I need skilled people to help me make this mod. This mod cannot happen without the help of all the skilled modder out there, who are reading this.

Please, we need your help to make Battleground, the Battlefield styled mod for Call of Duty 4 on ModDB come true.

The people we need to help us make this mod:

  • Level designers (MULTIPLAYER and SINGLEPLAYER)
  • Modellers
  • Scripters
  • Effect editors
  • Entity designers/creators

And that's all!

Current people on the team:

  • Level designer: masterworm2
  • (And Hajas and 3aGl3 are just helping out with various things)

Please guys, we need your help.

Thank you,
- Masterworm2

TheReaper1 - - 298 comments

I wish I could've been of help, but i'm not a modder, good luck with your mod, i will see if i can get any help for you later.

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