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A new update , yet again featuring another new member to join the team and help out , hopefully to accomplish the seemingly impossible objective of completing the mod.

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You will all remember our last depressing udpate in which I announced the missing team memeber bobby, we always lack 3rd person animators and always seem to have them go missing in the worst possible times, but yet again another person may yet help us complete this modification thats given us so much hassle.

So, that person is SonicFreak94 from, who coincidentally uses our blog site too, he offered to pitch in where bobby left off and hopefully helps us out on the last stretch of the Single player tags.

So what is left to be done? As its been said many times before, and been done many times before, we are upto the last leg of the modification this means we are focusing on the following..

Character 3rd person animations - SonicFreaks Department currently
Importing characters - Kirbys Department

After which, the only things that will be left, are doing the various levels, scripting them all together, creating cutscenes and then compiling it all together and testing it over and over.

We have been at this point for a decade almost or atleast thats what it feels like, but be assured that upon completion all content will now be open source to allow users to create their own experience simply by using our content and obviously the tools needed to make Halo CE levels. This in turn could lead to...

- Entirely new campaigns
- Entirely new levels
- Character edits
- Retextures

That is assuming our community is willing to dive right in and have ago.

If we dont meet the deadline dont worry , we want to complete this mod , so it most likely wont die , it`ll most likely either be released later than expected , or alternately put on pause for a while depending on the situation.

Until next time!


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