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Dot Dodger 0.4 has been released. Still unpolished but working well... hope so.

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Dot Dodger 0.4

I've finally got to make the last features to the game. The game is technically complete but it's unpolished. I'll work on that over time but now all I need is player feed back to see if I can add anything more or to improve on it.

I think I need to explain a few new features. Only one white dot can exist in one instance. It has the ability to teleport randomly to different locations and most important of all it activates events. Currently there are 4 events and 1 out 9 chances of a dud. There's point supplement which adds points more than a green dot would and deduction which removes points more than a red dot does. There is a chance of Repulsion which creates an invisible shield around the player for a short period (noticeable by emitting white particles). Like all things opposite there's the Attraction event which moves all yellow dots at a distance to direct itself towards the player.

Apart from the white dot and events there's only the difference in the backdrop. Also the game seemed to be too difficult for most people (from sampling of few of my friends) so I decided to make the game slightly easier with more chance of gaining points and less yellow dots. Well have fun.


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