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This upgrade will take a long time... read here all the changes i will do and take a look at what i've done so far.

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Hi guys,

Due to negative feedbacks from greenlight about game graphics,I decide temporarily remove the game. I also decide to do a huge "upgrade". This upgrade will not be only about graphic, here some key-features:

- All guns from Freedoom will be replaced with 3D models
- All enemies from Freedoom will be replaced with 3D models
- All textures from Freedoom will be replaced
- All sounds & music from Freedoom will be replaced
(Basically I will remove everything from Freedoom)
- A melee weapon will be added
- There will be 3 weapons slot instead of 2 (One for melee, the others for any weapon you like to use)
- The starting gun can be changed while playing an will no longer have unlimited ammo
- Sometimes dead enemy will drop some ammunition
- Dual wield system will be improved
- Sometimes dead enemies will drop powerup like invulnerability, medkit, slow motion...
- The weapon's skin will be fully customizable
- Main menu & level selection menu will be redesigned
- A customisation menu, where you can customize weapons' skins & game music, will be added.
- A new game mode will be added
- The name "Doominator Wave Survival" will may be changed

Some things i've done so far:

The melee weapon

The melee weapon

The automatic shotgun

The automatic shotgun (Side view)

The automatic shotgun

The Submachinegun


The SMG with a mimetic skin (W.I.P.)

The SMG with the military skin

This upgrade will take a long time, because I also have to re-write a lot of the game code which was made to work with bidimensional stuff.
Once the upgrade is over, I'll be back to the planned game development. Release date is back again to "TBD". To stay up-to-date with all change, keep an eye on the Doominator W.S. indieDB page, on my Twitter account @P36software, where i will upload screenshot & news 2/3 times for weeks, and also my youtube channel, where sometimes i will upload Doominator W.S. Update videos.

If you want to join the closed beta steam group and help me with testing (like searching for bug and telling me what you think about the game), send your request to

Twitter: (@P36software)
Youtube update playlist:


Why change to models? Why not just replace all the sprites and keep the nostalgic FPS look? If you do model everything, you could just render animations down to a dropped quality BMP animation, frames that then could be made into a sprite sheet. Just saying that if you change the whole game to models now, that your loosing what made this game entertaining to me.

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Premo36 Author

All negative comments on steam greenlight were about "bad" graphics, so i decided to change from a nostalgic and old-look 2D graphics style to a newer 3D one, because most of "NO, THANKS" were from people that didn't even tried the game (And i say that because on IndieDB you can see the numbers of downloads, and the "NO" number were a lot higher then the downloads number) they just watched a few screenshot and thinks (and also wrote in the comments) something like "Old FPS graphic = Doom clone". Trust me, that is not an easy decision, because that re-style of the game, as I said, will take a long time, a I have to do a lot of work, and until that upgrade is over, the normal game development will not continue, so the release date, originally planned for the for the third quarter of 2016, is delayed, maybe even of a year. But despite that, I will work on it, because I think that once it's over, the game will be better, because will keep the same style, but with a better graphics and also more features. Those that I wrote, are only a part of what i'm planning.

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