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All the stuff that will be availables in the 0.3b version of Doominator Wave Survival. I also made a Twitter account so I can easily post (and you can easily see) every single thing i do in Doominator without waiting that I post a news

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Hi guys!

It's been awhile since my last "Official" news (I''ve posted some mini-update in the description of the lastest images that i've uploaded) so i decided to post (some weeks before release the 0.3 Beta version of Doominator WS ) all the stuff i'm currently working on.

First of all, now you can read all mini-updates and stuff about Doominator WS by following my new twitter account.

And here a list of the changes that I made so far for the new version of Doomianator WS (Some things may change until the new version is relased!):

-Added Mac Os X support
-Added support for 21:9 screen resolution
-Added "Extreme Death" animation (More splatter then the standard death animatation, with body dismemberment and flying gibs) for enemy that die with 30 HP under the 0. Can be disabled in the game options
-Added "Fat Boss" as a special enemy that will spawn every 5 wave. Every five wave will spawn one more boss then the previous five wave. (So 5th wave = 1 boss, 10th wave = 2 boss, 15th wave = 3 boss and so on...)
-Added Xbox360 Controller support (NOTE: Pause and main menù support still W.I.P and it works ONLY on Windows! On Linux and Mac it will not work properly or not work at all!)
-Removed the placeble automatic shotgun turret
-Removed an unused camera in Labyrinth117
-Changed Screenshot Key from [F9] to [F12]
-Changed "Selected map indicator" from "Skulls" to "Blood"
-Changed the Debug system to make more "human readable" the log file.
-Optimazed the "new version notify" code, now it won't download always the changelog stuff, but just the current version number to check if you have the latest version (and then only if you DON'T have it, it will download the changelog)
-Translated (again) some stuff that i forgot before

-Fixed the bug where the kills done while you're on the ground are not counted in total kills

Video showing the "Extreme Death"

"Fat boss" walk, shoot and death animations (Sprite are from Freedoom)



Death Animation

What do you think about the upcoming version of Doominator?

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