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The third beta version of Doominator Wave Survival is out!

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Hi all,

I've just relased the third beta version of Doominator W.S. Below you can read the summary of over two months of works. Unfortunately, this version is NOT for Mac Os X, due to lack of testing.



- Added support for 21:9 screen resolution
- Added "Extreme Death" animation (More splatter then the standard death animatation, with body dismemberment and flying gibs) for enemy that die with 30 HP under the 0. Can be disabled in the game options
- Added "The Oversized Boss" as a special enemy that will spawn every 5 wave. Every five wave will spawn one more boss then the previous five wave. (So 5th wave = 1 boss, 10th wave = 2 boss, 15th wave = 3 boss and so on...)
- Added Xbox360 Controller support (NOTE: Pause and main menù support still W.I.P and it works ONLY on Windows!)
- Added custum music support (Copy & Paste or write your file path in the custum music field in the game's options)
- Added fog to "Dead Land"
- Removed the placeble automatic shotgun turret
- Removed an unused camera in Labyrinth117
- Removed all useless graphic level, now are aviable "Low" (Lowest settings possible, but with 1/2 texture resolution istead of 1/8), "High" (Highest settings possible) and "Normal" (Settings are between "Low" and "High")
- Changed player spawn position in all arena
- Changed all enemies name
- Changed "Death Gun" damage to 150 HP
- Changed the distance of the camera in the main menu, now is a bit more near.
- Changed Screenshot Key from [F9] to [F12]
- Changed "Selected map indicator" from "Skulls" to "Blood"
- Changed the Debug system to make more "human readable" the log file.
- Improved "The Marine" attack animation
- Optimazed the "new version notify" code, now it won't download always the changelog stuff, but just the current version number to check if you have the latest version (and then only if you DON'T have it, it will download the changelog)
- Locked main menu frame rate to 20
- Translated (again) some stuff that i forgot before

- Fixed the bug where the kills done while you're on the ground are not counted in total kills
- Fixed the bug where set the texture resolution to 1/4 & 1/8 will unfocus some HUD stuff, like the crosshair or the word "Doominator" in the main menu
- Fixed the bug where the "Death Gun" don't kill with one shot the Chaingun Marine

Some screenshots

DoominatorScreen4 1

IMG 20150731 143756



Doominator W. S. - Beta 0.3 - Windows


Doominator W. S. - Beta 0.3 - Linux

Apply to the closed beta

If you want to help me and want to play Dominator W.S. closed beta versions (Available for both Windows, Linux and Mac Os users), follow those steps (You'll need an email address, a steam account and also a good reputation...):

1)Send an email at with object "Closed Beta Group Join Request" with the following text (Words between * must be replaced with yours one, *NAME* must be replaced with your name and so on...)

"I'm *NAME* *SURNAME*, my steam name is *SteamName*, you can find me here *Link to Steam Profile page* . I want to join the Closed Beta group of Doominator Wave Survival and I declare i will NOT SHARE, in any way (like, but not limited to, share download link, share video and/or image made with closed beta footage) , anything of the closed beta group."

2)When I see your mail, I will check if you are suitable or not for the Closed beta.
3)Then (if you're suitable) I will invite you to join the closed beta steam group, where you can play and say whatever you want that can help me to improve the next Doominator W.S. public release. Remember that everything is posted in that group, must remain in that group. You agree that in the first step.

Contacts & Social

Twitter: (@P36software / #DoominatorWS)
Youtube Update Playlist:

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