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Showing some of the new stuff in doom the tei tenga incident beta two.

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Well after completing most of episode ones environments, and then bug fixing them based on your feedback, work has re started on episode four and three. The city levels in episode four will be based upon levels found in the early versions of doom 2, combined with new areas. And did i mention that episode four will be an open world level. Thats right, no pauses or exits for loading, only seamless game play. Episode four will contain several new concept levels like, the waste treatment plant.

This level features a interesting mechanic where you have to raise and lower the level of blood in the treatment plant to access the keycard, and to escape the area. Also in this a portion of the city will use an early version of doom twos downtown.

Screenshot Doom 20151123 083930Screenshot Doom 20151123 084004

This will be a pitched battle for control of Luna city and its mass driver, so prepare to see the first non dead space marines, and civilians fleeing from the fighting or making a stand for their home. Also there might be a sentient computer that talks to you from time to time in this as well.

Now on to episode 3

Screenshot Doom 20151123 084138Screenshot Doom 20151123 084105

Episode 3, mission one is actually a interesting idea for a level. Take the alpha 0.4 version of e1m1, and smash it together with doom 2s famous map01. And you get E3M1 Starport. A very crowded combat heavy level with alarms ringing in the players ears the entire time, computers failing due to hell taking over, a sky red with fire, and most importantly well lit outdoor areas. Its going to be a fun episode to create for sure, so look forward to it in Doom the Tei Tenga Incident: Beta Two.

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revonaut - - 145 comments

Great to have an update! The first beta of episode one had me playing just like the Doom shareware and full releases, I couldn't get enough.

I wonder if it would be possible to work with the developers of the Doomsday Engine, so 3D models could also be used? I would think that would be really cool! Of course someone would have to make models for the new enemies, and probably lots of other work, but I can dream.

I'll settle for the great experience Tei-Tenga is, some new Doom enemies and to see the Doom Bible game play that I had read about when the Doom Bible was released, really a fun ride!

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demo_the_doomer Author
demo_the_doomer - - 76 comments

Well i actually intend to use several of gzdooms features, such as 3d models for things like crates in zero gravity, and things that you cant just do with geometry like desk lamps and computers. also im going to fix a few inconsistency's , like Lorelei Chen and Thi Barret having male pain and death sounds. Thanks for your feedback, any feedback is appreciated.

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revonaut - - 145 comments

Sounds great! I didn't know if GZDoom supported 3D models, that's good to hear! There are some modelers working on 3D models over here if you want to take a look at their progress, looking really good to me! Doomsday Engine forums:

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XLightningStormL - - 118 comments

I'm gonna be honest, I hate the design of the Rocket Launcher in this...

There is a specific reason why they changed it to the current version.

Also will the BFG9000 (and maybe all D1 weapons) in it's original appearance in some form or another? It would make sense to have the Machine gun as the Chaingun's predecessor or as a easter egg

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