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DOOM SERIES 2016: 64. Is a combination of brutal doom 64, EOA, and DOOM SERIES 2016:TEXTURE. It has the maps from brutal doom 64, weapons, items, combat mechanics, and upgrade systems from EOA, and some textures from EOA Textures 0.1. DOOM 64 is one of the best underrated DOOM games.

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Brutal Doom 64 + EOA + DOOM SERIES 2016:textures + EOA MONSTERS

1. Download

2. Load order (only load these files)

EOA AATextures


EOA Assets

EOA code





you killed it, bro, this mod is ******* good. Cuz like you made doom 64 become good. The only problem is that your custom-made textures don't apply to every texture from DOOM 64 which is kinda sad.

Anyways great job my guy, I also recommend combining everything to a single zip file with only a.PK3 or .PK7 or .WAD because else people might give up on loading the mods because I had some problem with that.

Also, what's the keybind for glory kills?

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fandbrttr33 Author

Thank you, it’s my first mod and I literally knew nothing tho. I would combine them all together but the creators of the other mods asked me not too. I just wanted to get the idea out I’m glad another person got to play it these mods combined is my favorite way to play doom

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