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- What's New: I've added widescreen resolution support, adjusted the lighting in every level, updated the apperence of the main menu, added new Easter eggs and corrected a couple bugs along with various tweaks and changes. Updated a couple of textures.

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Updated: 31/01/2021

Pre-Beta Version 1.65 Standalone Build

Due to a oversight when making the installer the default address should be changed from
"C:\Program Files\"
"C:\Program Files\Doom Reborn"
When picking somewhere else to install, Make sure you put a "\DoomReborn" in the address
Sorry for the mistake

Doom Reborn Pre Beta Version 1 65

Neurological Sound Pack Update

Thanks to Neurological there is new tracks for levels
Doom 1: e1m5,e1m6,e1m7,e1m9,e2m1,
Doom 2: map03,map05,map06,map07,map09

Included as well in the game files are tracks for levels not completed
Doom 1: e3m1,e3m8,
Doom 2: map10,map18,map20,map23,map25,map28,map30

Doom Reborn Pre Beta Version 1 65 Neurological Sound Pack

Follow Neurological at

Gameplay Videos

Neurological Sound Pack Patch
Doom 1 E1M1-E1M7(Including E1M9)

Neurological Sound Pack Patch
Doom 2 Map01-Map09

Justin Marshall

Justin Marshall has his own project he's working on called IcedTech which can be found here,

He's ported over E1M1 into his IcedTech engine and tweaked the lighting while testing his new features

he may or may not port over more maps for us all to enjoy.

Justin Marshall's IcedTech Engine is a new idTech 4 engine with virtual texturing, recast navmesh, CaS, GLSL, Radiant.NET and more!







Level Editor Build

This build is to only be used for making new levels inside Doom Reborn

Use the "editor.bat" to launch directly into the editor

Level exits will not work in this release and

should not be used for playing the game as a whole

Doom Reborn Level Editor

Source Code Build

This build is to be used with Visual Studio

Doom Reborn Source Code

Doom Reborn Mod
Pre-Beta Version 1.65

- Setup
Using the installer simply just select drive location you want to install too
Example "C:\Program files\Doom Reborn"

Known Issues:
Weapons don't carry over after completeing a level
Stat screen music doesn't play
Music slider doesn't exist
Stat screen counters don't calculate correctly
(If you find other issues please report them)

Quicksave F5 Quickload F9

Using the old "DoomReborn.exe & Gamex86.dll" from the none saves patch,
Weapons will carry over between levels and the music slider will work and backpacks will work as expected, But quick saves won't work and health vials won't work above 100hp

- What's New:
I've added widescreen resolution support,
adjusted the lighting in every level,
Updated the apperence of the main menu,
added new easter eggs and corrected a couple bugs along with various tweaks and changes.
Updated a couple of textures

I've included my incomplete version of Map10 of Doom 2, Now that the project is standalone and open to everyone (Source Code included at github)
I really want to see the community get involved in someway like dafama2k7 did with his mod for the mod,
If you want to make levels for the project I'd suggest finishing off map10 to get a feel for the idtech4 editor and the doom reborn assets
if you are formiliar with the editor i'd love to see a remake of Romero games "Sigil" Doom 1 Episode 5 fan project by John Romero or other fan levels
over the years that you can find at
Once you have made a mod you can submit it at as well.

- Enabling Parallax Occlusion Mapping
I've enabled Parallax Occlusion Mapping by default
To disable it, open the command console by pressing left "ctrl" left "alt" and "`" at the same time and type
"image_usecompression 1" and then press enter.
Then type "vid_restart" and then press enter.
The screen will go black then come back grey for a few seconds while it reloads, don't worry that's normal.

After the screen reloads (takes longer if you make the change mid level) that's you all done, press escape or "`"
to close the command line console.

To enable Parallax Occlusion Mapping again follow this same process except use this command instead "image_usecompression 0"

- Found a bug:
If you have found a bug in the mod please report it at:

- Credits:
Michael (>>GameHacKeR<<) - (Current Leader, Mapper,Texture Artist, Coder, Other Odd Jobs)

- Past Contributors:
Brent de Carteret - (Project Founder, Coder, Web design, Object modeler, Mapper) (Last Contribution Pre Beta Version 1.2)

Reinchard - (Creator of the remade Doom Guy face in the hud, some remade textures, main menu buttons and the selection skull) (Last Contribution Pre Beta Version 1.5)

Jonny - (Coder created the red damage flash and redid some of Brents code) (Last Contribution Pre Beta Version 1.5)

Dafama2k7 - (Creator of the mods for builds Pre-beta Version 1.5&1.6 which some of the changes have made it into Pre Beta Version 1.61)

RGM - Created a few textures (Last Contribution Pre Beta Version 1.6)

Apz Feak - ( Texture Artest, Map Object Modeler, Item modeler, Monster/weapon Skiner) (Last Contribution Alpha Version 0.80)

Pablo_messier - (Mapper) (Last Contribution Alpha Version 0.80)

Neurological - (Music - Main Menu, Start Map, Stat Screen Music(Also used in E2M3)
Doom 1: e1m1,e1m2,e1m3,e1m4,e1m5,e1m6,e1m7,e1m8,e1m9,e2m1,e2m3
Doom 2: map01,map03,map05,map06,map07,map09)
(Last Contribution Pre-Beta Version 1.65 Sound Pack Update)

Cristiano Salvati - (Music) E1M5 Music (Last Contribution Alpha Version 0.84)

Lab_Rat - (Mapper) (Last Contribution Alpha Version 0.1)

Stine - (GFX Artest) (Last Contribution Alpha Version 0.80)

Gazz - (Managing Support) (Last Contribution Alpha Version 0.80)

Striderdm1 - (Old Tester)


I am getting a "cannot find default.cfg" error. How do i fix this?

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gamehacker Author

Heya Sorry your having trouble, Try creating a new folder somewhere different and install there and try the DoomReborn.exe again

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Thank you! Seems like for whatever reason you have to install it to "Program Files" on whichever drive you chose. I had put it in my own "games" folder

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gamehacker Author

Yeah I made a mistake when creating the installer, I should've included a "\Doom Reborn" in the default address. Sorry about that :(
I've made a note in the article pointing out this oversight.

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Wow this looks amazing

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I am assuming this is standalone right? I mean I think people were releasing stand alone mods since the source code came out right?

Edit NVM I missed it in the top of the description! Downloading now thanks!

Edit, after playing this for about 20 minutes, wow, this is definitely amazing! I recommend turning on always run to get that classic feel. This is the best remake out there that stays true to the original!

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