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DML v2.3 it's available for download also on ModDB!

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Hi everyone,

Less than 2 months ago I've said that v2.2b will be the last version for a long time... well, there we are with a new version! It's a small update, but it fix a bug which become really annoying if you often forget a few mods that you want to add and close the mod order window without saving... It also add a few other things (read below the changelog).

Still the project is no longer actively developed, but I will push an update each time a bug is fixed. New features may be added with future relase but are not planned right now.

DML v2.3 Main Window

Changelog 12/04/2020 - v2.3

  • Added "REMOVE" button in the mod load order window, that allows to remove the selected mod without the need to close the window, deselect
    the mod fom the mod list in the main window and click play again (NOTE: preset must be saved in order to keep changes) (Thanks eviltechno for the suggestion)
  • Changed the "REMOVE SELECTED PRESET..." button's text to "DELETE SELECTED PRESET..." to make more clear that you're not just unloading it from DML 2.X (like the other "Remove..." buttons) but you are deleting it from disk.


  • Fixed bug where all the mods in the mod list will deselect (or revert to the initial preset state) if the mod order window was closed before saving (or updating) the preset. (Thanks Silent-Death for reporting it)

Known bug:

  • GZdoom "Quicksave.sav" files gets saved in the same directory as the dml 2.X executable instead on the gzdoom one.

(This is only the latest version changelog, you can find the full DML version history here)

The Mod Order Window with the new

Supported sourceport

As for this version, the only tested source port are:

-GZdoom (v4.3.3), -height and -width do not work due to gzdoom way of handling resolution)
-LZdoom (v3.85)
-Zandronum (3.0)
-QZDoom (2.1.0)

PARTIAL COMPATIBILITY (Some DML features don't work):
-Chocholate Doom (3.0.0)

(As long as it follows the zdoom command line standard, any engine should work fine)

Thanks for all the support!


P.S. I'm working also on other doom-related projects, keep an eye on my twitter @premo36 where I'm more active.

Doom Mod Loader v2.3

Doom Mod Loader

Check out the project on Github (Beta version and Release Candidate can be found here)!



Is this like ZDL but with more options?

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Premo36 Author

More or less yeah. it's a zdoom-like sourceport frontend/mod launcher/organizer. Never actually used any version of ZDl so I can't make a real comparison between the two software, but I will copy + paste a really good one made by eviltechno :
"My message on the feature explanation page to naryanrobinson's question how DML compares to other launchers like ZDL:

For me as a modder, or someone who likes trying new mods and new versions ZDL (or any other launcher) is not very usefull, as once you updated your files the presets are not usable anymore and it gets you in a lot of trouble deleting the old paths and adding the new ones (eg. due to different filenames)
Doom Mod Loader scans your folders every time you start it and makes it very easy to find the new added version, or the new mod you want to try and even nodifies you if a file was removed (or just not working anymore due to renaming). You can even just move the whole installation to an external harddrive and enjoy your favourite doom mods and games on a different PC or laptop. It's also very easy to use.
What I do when trying new mods, I just copy the new file to FILE\PWAD within the my doom mod loader installation (you can even create new folder in there without destryoing its portability) and start up the launcher and type in a few letters of the mod and DML would instantly filter out all mods with those letters and let me add it to my current preset, to just save and run with one click (using the "update and play" button for example)

I know I will be using this for a very long time and doubt there will be something more useful any time soon ;) Thanks to Premo36 for making and sharing this!

(btw, I know ZDL also has a multiplayer feature, but it doesn't even remotely compare to zandronum/doomseeker, as there are no options to disable deathmatch weapons (it's a zandronum/doomseeker exclusive feature) Who honestly would like deathmatch weapons all over the place in cooperative gameplay. It was also very laggy when I tried it, but that might have to do with some not so multiplayer friendly addons.)"

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Thank you for this mod.
This is way better than ZDL because in this you can save load orders.

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Premo36 Author


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Save orders for mods I'm playing work fine for me with ZDL. Are you using a format that isn't sorting the order of mods?

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