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(i must fix just 2 little things)and the mod are ready for play :)

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Doom K is my project in the works for almost 3 years now.
It is a mod of Doom 2, where you have the possibility to choose different classes of characters.
The mod is divided into three parts, Core- where there are the audio part, the secrets, some addons. Weapons, created by me, and includes a wide range of particular weapons taken from different mods, and most of them created by me. Weapons cause special effects on monsters.
Monsters are part of Cyanide's Shades of Doom. Of course I have heavily modified and altered it. Monsters now have dozens of different death animations, and they burn, melt with acid, electricity, ice ... all dead from elemental effect.
Of course, all seasoned with a good dose of brutal gore.
Many monsters have been eliminated to make space for new types created by me and others teased around the net.
Weapons and equipment use a special pickup system (use to pickup). Only one weapon of each type can be loaded per slot (aside from spells and hand-to-hand combat style).

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