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This mod isn't dead, i just keep forgetting about it!

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So hey, its been around about year or two since i made my last update, and i'd like to apologise for the wait. This is something that should've been completed in a few months, but it wasn't.

The reason is and it will always be, i'm lazy as hell (and i'm busy most of the time with college and that), and i kinda forgot about the mod. So why didn't i just make an update article halfway thru the previous year to update people? well, i always told myself i'd only make an update article once i had something new to show off or i wanted to update people on progress, but i just kept forgetting about it and putting it aside for other stuff.

Now i kinda realise i left it aside for too long lol. So yeah, i will be focusing on this since this is the only mod project i've made that's even close to being finished, and it'd be really awesome if i finally released this :)

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