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Version updated with new content New attacks, 3d models and better AI for enemies. also with a lot of fixes!

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This is the new gameplay never seen in the classic Doom. Completly 3D player model with cool animations to hack n' slash the monsters in many ways, adding an exclusive experience for doom players that will taste the best of the gameplays in the doom modding community.

This is the early version of the mod, this mod will contain 3 melee weapons and the the original weapons from Doom II, but in the new styled way.
So, practicaly this is the base of the mod. Also, will contain an exclusive boss fight with the marauder and icon of sin. But will take some time to release it.

This is only tested with GzDoom 4.3.3, if someone already tested with LzDoom please let me know how does it run.

Attack: Normal Attacks
Alt Attack: Draw Fire arm
Mouse3: Heavy Attacks
Control: Lock on
Shift: Dashes
Spacebar: Jump

An artifact from Argent D'Nur which wields mysterious control over the Argent energy reserves of Hell, capable of shutting down-and apparently reactivating-the source of that energy known as the Well.

Crucible Combo 1: A1+A1+A1+A1+M3
Crucible Combo 2: M3+M3+M3+M3
Crucible Combo 3: A1+A1+M3+M3
Crucible Combo 4: M3+M3+M3+A1+A1+A1+A1+M3
Aerial Rave: A1+A1+A1+A1
Helm breaker: Jump+M3
Stinger: Dash Forward+A1

Lateral Slash: Dash (Forward|Left|Right)+(A1|M3)
High Time: Dash+(A1|M3)

Charged Attack: Hold A1 and release

Charged Attack: Hold A1 and release

Night Sentinel Spear: [TBA]
Marauder Axe: [TBA]
Fists: [TBA]

It is a small directed energy weapon based on plasma gel - called energy-matter-gel. Four megawatts of Argent energy are compressed into a kinetic slug.

Super Shotgun:

Appears to be of Earthly design, the meat hook is composed of metals not native to Earth, suggesting it may have been made on another world.

Combat Shotgun:[TBA]
Assault Rifle:[TBA]
Rocket Launcher:[TBA]
Plasma Rifle:[TBA]

If you liked the first impression of this mod, i would be grateful if you support me with this mod
to finish and release it as soon as possible with the new weapons.

You can follow my Facebook page here:

Doom: Eternal Slayer

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