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Doom Daggers (Timer Fix)

Key features

* Custom 'Devil/Dagger Hand' weapon - projectiles as main fire and shotgun as alt fire.
* Fixed difficulty: Ultra-Violence /w fast monsters (no infighting).
* Endless spawn-set in small arena.
* Base speed is 130%, running is disabled.
* Player dies in one hit (1HP).
* In-game music-loop by Andrey Sitkov.

Recommended GZDoom & general settings:

* Use WASD & Mouse (Mouselook: Off).
* HRTF: On.
* Video Mode: Doom Software Renderer.
* Mouse1: Fire ; Mouse2: AltFire
* Headphones recommended

How to install:

Download and install GZDoom, download the mod zip file, extract it and drag the DoomDaggers.wad to the GZDoom.exe (Doom II required).

* * * * * *

What's next?

FIRST I want to say that any feedback would be great, I know there's always something that I can improve and I'm here to do that ;)

-I'm thinking about making the spawn set different and making it shorter after every round.

-Improving / reworking the projectiles sprites


I was wondering when someone was going to make this.

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Really rough weapon sprite. and the projectile, what is that the base imp / cacodemon sprite? A lava nail type sprite would be more accurate there, bud. Can't help but compare it to the best weapon sprites out there, especially when this mod is laser focused on the weapon itself. 2ยข

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M3IR Author

I was thinking about reworking the sprites, maybe I should find someone with better experience to do that, thank you for the feedback <3

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i actually saw that game you based this mod on, and it looks pretty close to what you've got here. so, i just had no idea what i was talking about :)

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