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An updated version of V1, with a couple of tweaks and a new weapon!

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This ZIP contains both, normal and overpower versions. These are the changes:

- Added MP5 SMG, replacing the chainsaw pickup, which was useless (already in inventory at start). This gun fires with great accuracy, deals less damage than the minigun or the pistol, but it has a very quick response. Good for keeping monsters away when needed.

- Fixed two minigun bugs: bullet decals not showing and "Chainsaw" name appearing in place of "Minigun"

Installation: I uploaded a single ZIP file containing two wads:

dav1B.wad: Load this for the normal Doom Again.

dav1Bover.wad: Load this for the Overpower! version.

I recommend using GZDoom 1.8, is the version I´m using and it works great. I found a bug on the latest GZDoom release when using this mod, but I haven´t tested all of them. Please let me know if you found problems.

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