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Doom 3 Evolution is a Single-Player Game-Play Conversion Mod. It is meant to be played with original Doom 3 storyline/levels. The main features of this mod are it's original Class, Skill and Genetic Modifier, as well as Weapon upgrade, systems. In a couple of words- this mod gives Doom 3 the depth it deserves, by introducing various new tools and skills, and a great variety of possible characters. In a couple of words- this mod will give Doom 3 the depth it deserves, by introducing various new t

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I've received enough feedback to begin work on Revision 2's first patch to version 2.1 . I will start work on it the coming monday (4th July) and expect to be done by the end of next week (10th July).

If you have further ideas or suggestions please write as soon as possible so I could implement them without having to delay the patch :).

Also added D3ER2 specifics to a "Features" article.

A list of things fixed so far (8th July):
- mc_utility has been slightly altered for better movement.
- Weapons your class is untrained with can be used but do half the base damage and have less accuracy ( the Machinegun has no full-auto and the Rocket Launcher no burst fire modes as well )
- Fixed a bug where you would remain in chaingun-fire mode ( less walk speed, no running and jumping ) in certain situations.
- Fixed Machinegun and Pistol full-auto jamming at max magazine bug. You can now reload them regardless of the ammo you have in the mag.
- Fixed random class and trait change bug.
- Fixed a bug that didn't let you get the "Mule" gene mod.
- More smaller ones, as well as some balancing issues.

*Patch is Uploaded, Waiting for Authentication*

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