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It's being a hard work this month to release the Beta versión of the next mod on the Doom music remastering and it's almost ready, stay tunned! This is the announcement of the only and original: "Doom 2 Re-Recorded - The Metal Legacy" Beta (0.50b) It's about to be released this week, stay tunned! please read the content of this article for important changes on the mod name.

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Perhaps some of you might question why I made some changes on the mod name and I'm explaining all in the following article:


I choosed to make slight changes in the name of the mod to: "Doom Re-Recorded - The Metal Legacy"


- Due to certain similarities the name has with other mods and thus confusion for some users respecting a possible relationship with other mods developed in the past and banned from the internet.

As you all can be shure now with this change done, I´m letting clear about it: I don't have any relation with other developers and mods developed with infamous or tricky intentions to confuse and/or steal work from others, besides it, I'm receiving support from other musicians to my work and I'm adding tracks done by Youtubers that Myself requested permission to include their own versions of Doom 2's Music.

Expect this week the release of the first beta version of "Doom 2 Re-Recorded - The Metal Legacy"

thanks for your time and patience and let''s continue now, I will thank you for any details on the mod you notice that could enchance the quality of the experience in Doom 2, I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for the release.

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