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I have just found out some scrupulous guy named Josh was selling gundam RTS.

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Gundam is free. If you payed for it ANYWHERE, you tell me.

Because this is a FREE project.

Anyone making money off it is doing so against my will and in violation of Bandai's rights as IP owner. I have developed this project entirely as a freeware project. I believe in freeware and I am irate that someone would pull this stunt. I do not authorize the selling of gundam rts, anyone who finds someone charging for it should contact me IMMEDIATELY!

I am really disappointed in whoever this Josh fellow is and will be seeking to find out who it is and contacting whatever authorities I can about this.

what a way to spend my lunchbreak. I do something nice and people try to take advantage!

xPearse - - 2,462 comments

How did this guy "Josh" try to sell Gundam RTS, you mean like on the streets or on the internet. Anyhow thats really weak trying to sell someones mod. I hope you put an end to it.

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Smoth Author
Smoth - - 1,098 comments

He setup a site pulling some old news posts and all. The company hosting it were solid guys and pulled it immediately.

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xPearse - - 2,462 comments

Well at least that problem is sorted out, I hope something like this doesnt flare up again. Good luck. Did you yourself send this guy a message or contact him about it.

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Valherran - - 2,450 comments

Get the pitch forks and torches! String em up! Burn the scrub! Burn the scrub!

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Silvermarch - - 569 comments

Can do!

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Forboding_Angel - - 121 comments

Wow, that's uberfucked. This is why I trolled the net hard for old sd7 versions of evo and made the ******* pull them down. I would be livid if someone disrespected me this way.

When I was lead dev of MyUPB, we had a jerkoff trying to do this. Little did he realize that we had a "Powered by MyUPB" section hidden in the code (in obvious plain sight, but you would have to read the code or... god forbid, search for "MyUPB" in the code to find it). He was trying to sell it. Thankfully, the company hosting/sponsoring us was even more ****** than we were and sicked their lawyers all over his ***. That made us feel at least a little better.

Sorry dude, you didn't deserve this. That guy needs to be taken out back and shot. Repeatedly.

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AZeonZaku - - 117 comments

Scammers gonna Scam best you can do find em and stick it to em wish you luck in that

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Gregord - - 202 comments

Heh, who'd a thunk it.. it's the opposite problem the cooperation have. In their case it's their product being freely distributed instead of bought. Well i can't stand on the moral high ground there but God damn that's wrong.. trying to redistribute someone's work unfairly

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Gamingroach - - 647 comments

Oh boy, I hear many similar stories of people trying to sell other people's mods. One guy named: Oztronix, try to sell C&C mods is one of many obscure examples.

Gotta stay vigilant on this kinda stuff.

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Smoth Author
Smoth - - 1,098 comments

looks like a troll account, 1 second total time online.

but yeah, it is lame that it happens. I don't let it get me too down, you know?

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