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We are not dead yet, we have only begun! (Just a summery saying we arent dead yet)

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Hey there, this post is just to inform you thar one: we are NOT dead yet and two: we have things to show off!

One of those things is the E.R.T or the "EXPERIMENTAL Railgun Titan"

The E.R.T is equipped with railgun (as says in the name) that is less powerful than the Mammoth Railgun, its quite strong and can resist heavy fire but has a great cost, just under the mammoths cost.

(Note from The Srickeroni: I may debuff the E.R.T due to how powerful it really is.)

Another thing we are experimenting with is actual miniguns to the Wolverine and the Nod Buggy, (i have had to turn the damage so low its rediculous, it mows down buildings with ease originally.) Finally thesd vehicles can be what they are descripted to have in the cutscenes.

Factions and Sub Factions will be making it into the game with those being under their respected Factions:

GDI: Steel Talons, ZOCOM.

NOD: The Black Hand, The Marked Of Kane.

Forgotten: Sons Of Umagon, Mutant Coalition.

Scrin: Reaper 17, Travler 59.

As you can see above, the Forgotten finally have their own sub factions with Sons Of Umagon being a powerful Infantry Division and the Mutant Coalition being primarily a Tank division.

Thats all i can give today, and i will probably post again when we have more to offer.

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