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Its us again and with a new announceament for our community We have opened our own donation link so people can come and donate a ammount of money to us now ill tell you why would you want to donate to us

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Well our team is working pretty well on sensitivity but a small help never comes bad and thats why we are doing the Donation Update

Now heres why you would want to donate money to sensitivity

those are the donation plans

If you donate 5$ or greater you get the following

Donator Title on our forums
Your Own Sensitivity donator icon(coming soon)
In-Game Donator Title for sensitivity

Now if you donate 10$ or greater you get

Good Donator Title on our forums
Your own sensitivity donator icon on the forums(coming soon)
Access to Content Subforum you can see the latest content before anyone does!
Access to Multiplayer Sensitivity Beta
In-Game Good Donator title for sensitivity

If you donate 20$ or greater you get
Silver Sensitivity Donator Icon on our forums(coming soon)
Awesome donator title on our forums
Access to multiplayer beta
Access to Content Subforum
Access to team Dropbox
also everything from above

if you donate 50$ or 100$ then you get
Everything from above and
Steam Copy Of Sensitivity
Master of donators title on our forums
Master donator icon on our forums
Exclusive weapon once sensitivity launches
Access to Content Subforum
Access to Team Dropbox
Exclusive Sensitivity Donator In-game title
Access to Sensitivity Multiplayer Beta

If you donate 200$ you get
everything from above AND
Sensitivity King Donator Title on our forums
Sensitivity King Donator Icon on our forums(coming soon)
Limited Edition Sensitivity Copy and it comes with the following things
Videos of how it was done
The game box is also autraphiated by all the team members!
and with a small note of all our members
also you get a exclusive limited edition only code to acces to 2 exclusive weapons and 2 exclusive armours
Also Access to team dropbox
Access to content Forum
Access to Sensitivity Multiplayer Beta
In-Game King of donators Title

every donation you make speed up the sensitivity developentment process and help us make a greater and better game

you can also tell suggestions about the Donation plans like telling if they are good bad etc

we always need to hear our community!

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