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I have done an introductory video for the Dominion Alliance and a new map! It is not art! Although, it does contain art...

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G'day Moddb Community!

We have been silent these past few weeks since our release and decided to leave the last news post up for longer than usual without a successor so that the bug fixes displayed on it would be immediately accessible to anyone on our front page.

In the weeks preceding our release our efforts were focused on polish and stability, and in the week immediately following the release we were scanning over comments and reviews to find what bugs we missed (surprisingly few!), issues that we might be able to help with and ideas that people had.

We now have quite a hefty To-Do list for Release Beta! A good 1/3 of which is your suggestions! Thank you!


The most agreed with review (there are "+" and "-" buttons) was one done by the SwissKnight:

SwissKnight wrote:
Fantastic mod, really does an excellent job of bringing Star Trek to Homeworld 2. Ships and weapon effects all look great and there’s a lot of little details that really make it come alive. Revamped hyperspace is a great addition as it makes combat and resource gathering much more painless.

Only downside is that most maps don’t have a colored skybox, making ships sometimes difficult to see against a mostly black background. Shipyard research also seems a little long, slowing down your midgame. Research is basic enough, which seemed like a plus to me, but if you like messing around tech trees you may be slightly disappointed.

Overall; well worth the download installation is easy enough, so there’s nothing preventing you from playing this right the hell now.

Thank you everyone for your reviews! Keep them coming!

New Stuff

After our initial week of sorting through feedback and compiling our new To-Do list we were unleashed into pure modding again. I have been working on the Dominion Alliance ships for Invasion mode and I have decided to show them off with a video instead of some still images, to show off one of our new maps without planets in them! This new map is a very interesting one, and full credit for that goes to Stargazer!

I make no apologies for my inability to make art. However this video does contain art, I hoped you enjoyed that!

Continuum Corp

casojin - - 237 comments

Wow, those ships explode like a bright shining star.

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scorpio23 - - 217 comments

ok so Dominion and a map witha a black hole of death.. EPIC !!!!
what more can one ask for

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Bird_of_Prey - - 1,616 comments

Very nice black hole effect. Video its self is a little slow, but it shows off the ships nicely.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
romnus - - 1,145 comments

nice :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Andrew657 - - 26 comments

Loving it!

Does the black hole drag ships in that get to close?

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Nathanius Author
Nathanius - - 2,305 comments

The solution that HW2 provided to the Black Hole gravity problem was too imprecise, we would have to use invisible weapons with a negative push on them, but the Black Hole would only target one ship at a time :(

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CCtroma - - 20 comments

Love the dominion! And that (blackhole?) was amazing!

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