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We tested the Domination game mode this weekend. Guess what: domination is a keeper!

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In our tests from 2009-03-14, we played domination. The rules for domination are pretty simple:

  • each map has one or more domination area
  • each domination area will give the team that has it captured a point for each minute the team manages to keep that area
  • to capture such an area, you just need to walk through it

Now, because the point is awarded only after a minue has passed, the enemy team will (obviously) try to recapture that area before the minute elapses. This leads to some seriously fast paced action, as seen in the test session video here:

Don't get me wrong, bugs have been found. Still, the game mode promises a lot of fast paced action, in contrast with the other game modes.
That doesn't mean that other game modes are not fun. Here's a video from a month ago, when we played One Flag CTF:

Domination will simply answer the needs of people wanting some fast paced action, while the other game modes will be the love of the people going for something slower. Either way, the mod remains true to what it has proposed: teamwork, not frags, teamwork is the key.


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