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Dolumar, our persistent browser-based game has sadly passed its heyday. Now, we want to give it a new life by making it open source!

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Hi everyone

We have fascinating news about our first game which we released back in 2009: We decided to make Dolumar open source! It's a persistent browser-based game for seasoned browser gamers. The game was brought to you by CatLab Interactive.


As of now, the game’s code is accessible to everyone. The game will remain online and you can still play, but if you want, you can start using its source code to mess around. Got any ideas for our persistent browser-based game Dolumar? Or a game of your own?

Find everything you need at GitHub and start puzzling!

Dolumar build screen


Though Dolumar was once a thriving community, this has faded over the years. Until we can do a complete remake, we decided to enter the realm of Open Source with it! We know people from many different backgrounds were present in the community, including coders and game developers. We want to give them a chance to host their own Dolumar games, or perhaps push some interesting changes.

Dolumar untouched


This opens up new possibilities for an old and rusty, but unique and challenging game we loved to play ourselves! We hope you can see some treasure in there.

If there’s any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us, or mail us. Also, don’t forget to share this news with the world!

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