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So, a couple of weeks ago i've suffered a major data loss that kinda wiped my entire Remod project work in progresses down the toilet. So, for now, might as well update some old stuff while redownloading all those resource files, eh?

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Out of all things that could happen, a second data loss not even a year from the previous one is quite a big shock.
Worse when i can't recover a thing unlike last time.
Couldn't exactly do a backup of 1TB-ish files too, so, no dice on that.

So, while i mourn and try to redownload those resource files/tools/etc, here's an update to an old remod.


- The mod starts to degrade the more you go from level to level.
Nothing can be done about this besides having quite the luck.

- Bloody Snow has an issue where if you place the bomb too close to the door, you'll get stuck on the bomb's brush (basically a death sentence), keeping a little distance should give you room to run.

- Zat'nik'tel is too overpowered in that it stunlocks you in one hit and instakills you when shot with another at quick succession, no dice trying to modify the configs, i guess it fits with the actual lore?

- For some reason, the M16 seems to have its fire state broken if you go full auto with it, this doesn't happen in older Half-Life versions (as their rate of fire seems to be set on HL versions before the 9mmAR's slow firerate fix).

No cure besides only firing on semi auto.

2.0 Changelog :

- Altered Zat'nik'tel hand holding position.
- Replaced the LD cultist models.
- Moved the PSG1's firing position to fit the idle animations (still couldn't find a way to fix that sleeve dislocation though, GO Team really did screw that part of the animation up).
- Replaced the old w_m92s model to fit the view model.
- Fixed the Unas's see-through shoulder.
- Replaced the LD HL Sentry and Apache.
- Replaced Daniel Jackson's model.
- Replaced dead SG operative models.
- Altered MP5's drawing speed.
- Modified cleansuit_scientist to no longer having the Black Mesa ID and now uses Water-Phoenix's faces textures.
- Altered M92S's view model's odd finger.
- Altered USAS's drawing speed.
- Modified Gacgoa's model to have an actual chrome shine instead of a texture based shine.
- Replaced Snark Goa'uld with a darker one (fitting the original colors, btw, actual snake Goa'uld model is in the Addon folder if you really like non-existent hitboxes).
- Modified construction model to no longer having the Black Mesa logo/ID and removed glistening shine.
- Replaced HGrunt model.
- Added new sounds.
- Replaced old weapon HUD selection sprites.
- Added Medkits to particularly difficult missions, heals 35HP each.
- Tollana's endgame script now activates by trigger to avoid glitches, better kill those Goa'ulds fast!
- In a lot of maps, multi_managers that triggers more than 8 entities are now split for stability reasons, most things like Stargate activations should now work slightly better.
- Made the hidden switch in neige2 literally glowing.
- Added new splash screen.
- Replaced most low quality music with higher quality soundtrack, yes, they are Unreal/Tournament soundtracks (i had a sudden lost of data and those music files were one of the few survivors that was sitting on a different drive, might as well use them for something).
- Moved that blasted fmod.dll to outside the folder, now any mistakes in installations will be on the user, legit hope that this will be the end of LoadLibrary errors.
- Added Steam icon.
- Altered loading screen, both menu and ingame.
- Replaced decals.
- Finally got that ol' detail textures thing done for all maps.
- Removed the knife from Area51 mission, turns out you don't really need a weapon to finish it (better off since a lot of the puzzle items are actually breakable and can get you stuck).
- Moved ring teleporter ambushers in The Skull and The Ancient Temple.
- Removed Zat'arcs from numerous missions (except Bloody Snow), might as well remove the one weapon that was making missions a cakewalk with a sandwich.
- Early triggered the ring teleporter in Escape from Apophis to sign players where to go at the end of the valley.
- Updated the Credits to the new format (less namedumpy).
- Updated ModDB stuff to fit the new file.


Well this sucks.... I hope you haven't lost too much. It's a pain to put all these efforts in vain.. Good luck, I think your mod has a lot of potential. :)

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Dude that's sucks big time. Hope every goes well and never again will you suffer another data wiped. Stay motivated and many fans are counting on you.

No pressure tho.

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ZikShadow Author

Modding for me is fun, so even restarting from scratch is not really something that i would cry blood about.

It's just time, IRL stuff, and college bearing down me that's making me do that.

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