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In this latest patch: Expanded doctrines, Maps!, and the Automatch feature

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Hello everyone!
I've been working very hard to get this newest patch out, and I'm happy about the progress being made. In this latest patch:

- Expanded doctrines
- Maps!
- Automatch feature operational

Doctrines now use a two tier system. At the beginning of the game, you get three points to spend. In each commander tree there are two skills that cost two points each - these are the first tier doctrine abilities. Below each of these six choices are an additional two options to choose between, making it so there are a total of twelve options to choose between.

I've also gone through and edited many of the vCoH Relic maps to be more suitable to the mod's gameplay. Right now there are only 1v1s and 2v2s available, but I hope to get some of the larger maps working as well.
This also means that the Automatch feature is up and running! I'm very excited about this - I hope it means we can get some competitive play going in the mod!

I hope you enjoy!

Edit: I've uploaded two test games I had against AI that I took video of - I'm by and far not a terrific player and the AI is still anything but mediocre; I simply wanted to show a bit of gameplay and showcase briefly a little bit of what this game is about. If any of you have good replays of matches you've had, I'd love to hear from you - I would like to get some shoutcasts done of the more intense matches. Let me know!

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