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Remember that this contains some spoilers of the game.

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Do you want to play a little adventure?

Remember that this contains some spoilers of the game

Positive part of the game: Some challenges, very nice graphics, Incredibly nice music, some different enemy on the road and easy to understand what the story is about.

Negative part of the game: The game is very small, little defense methods, some places I was pushed out quickly of the map, the game took me less than an hour to complete.

Information about the game

~ Forward to the Sky ~

This game is about a princess who is looking for the witch in the sky tower. The princess is meeting a lot of different enemies in her way, with some challenges that must be solved to get further in the tower. When I first started the game I got a menu that was incredibly nice with a very nice music to it. Images that can be seen under here I've taken while I played the game.

This is the menu to the game had a very nice music background.

There are totally 6 different level with new things waiting for you around the corner. The game runs most out of finding out what happened in the sky tower and why crystal are attacking people. There is a story in the game that will help you to understand what happened to the the Sky Tower and finding out who this so called witch girl is.

To know what happened you must gather together crystals that are around on the map for each level you been going through. You can get crystals from killing enemies and statue that is hidden on the map. A part of the game also goes out to find the right way up, there is everything from levers, buttons, move things or turn things around.

As you can see on the left part of this image, I throw all the boxes down that was there.

The most fun of the game is that there is nothing alike, there are different things each level you go up in the tower. I had some problems in the game that I had to think where I should go now. If you fall out of the tower, will the balloon come to pick you and puts you back around where you fell down.

There is some traps you must jump away from and some you need to jump to continue the game and some laser you must careful not to be hit by. It is not just text you have to read all the time in the game. The game have voices to the characters in the game, and many other good sound effects.

~ What my full opinion about the game from 1 to 10 ~

I was very pleased with the game, I did not find anything that might be a bug in the game. Enjoyed the story, liked the music, quality very good, it seems that the game should have a little more level, a little more defense methods but from that was everything really great.

I give this game 8 out of 10

The game is worth your time to play if you like adventure

I'll copy/paste my list of suggestions in the future from my review:

There were a lot of glitches, but none of them were gamebreaking. A couple of them you also have to actively look for in order to see. One in particular is if you come at a box on it's corners it gets pushed in both directions making it spazz out and go a lot more forward a lot faster then normal.

Some of the enemies were extremely annoying and kind of OP. Particularly the guys that make the crystal barrier.It's not hard to get down what you have to do against them, you have to totally focus on them before any one else. Otherwise you'll waste a lot of time or actually end up dieing, which almost nothing else in the game will kill you except them.

The mechanics weren't quite that smooth. The boulder rolling and the low-gravity sequences were very hard to control at times. (Though thankfully it wasn't so god-aweful that it caused me to die.)

I was expecting another level to put everything I learned through the rest of the game to the test. Instead, I got level 5 that introduced some new things then straight to the ending boss battle that used nothing from the rest of the game.

Finally, I'd love to see combinations between the LMB and RMB attacks and the combat to be more interesting. Most of the enemy AI was extremely simplistic and the combat was only button-mashing. You didn't even need the second attack function unless you were getting a bit impatient. You also did not need the Backwards dash.

It's definitely a good little casual game that gave me a couple hours of enjoyment. I did like it and I hope to see more in the future. ^^

Some other glitches involved the camera. When in an upside-down sequence it freaks out and is really hard to control. (I got a lot of panty shots though, I guess...)

There are some areas where you'll fall fast enough that the balloon will be called twice.

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