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Updates for the prior two test maps and an update for an old classic. Please download them try them online and give me some feedback!

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Well hi guys, I pleased to say that I actually did get feed back on northern mountains and rocky glacier. I have updated the maps to reflect the feedback given and have added a new updated version for the map cooked well. I love the new texture and the nice rolling dunes really helps cement the feel.

Good news is that I finally have the desert and ice climates down along with some basic urban stuff. So what does that mean for you guys? It means I can do Odessa! It means I can do some arctic bases like in 0080 and I can do Africa(after I model some African trees). I know you guys have been wanting these locations and I will be working on them soon.

In other news I will be taking a small break from developing gundam and will be on vacation, when I get back I would REALLY love it if you guys would try the new maps and post some love/hates about them. I would like to continue to push the visual envelope of grts and continue to amaze you guys but first I need to know where I am failing to impress you. So please leave some feed back!

For those of you who are out there, we have been having games regularly around 8pm cst and later so if you want in, this is a good time to play. The guys in #gundam are looking for fresh meat and allies in their battles! So give a shout out to Matchstick, Dorne, WillK, Coresair, LuisBrown on the Gold1 server! If you join and don't know what to do type !help and hit enter, the server will tell you the commands to run it!!


Things are looking great! Hope things are going well.

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feillyne Staff

These are maps? Wow. O.o Didn't know you have a released game! (Must find some time to try it.)

Anyway, could you upload them to Moddb? :-)

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