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This update is merely to break the silence on DNF: dx. Of course, everything shown here is a work in progress, but it should give you an idea of what's new.

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For Valentine's Day, I'd like to break the silence on DNF: dx's development.

For this update, we will showcase some of the progress made. We now have over 350 fixes, both minor and major. The changelog is quite rich with content.

First, I will show off something exciting. (THESE ARE A WORK IN PROGRESS AND ARE NOT FINAL)

Here is a sneak peek at some of the gore effects restored from the scripts and references. Dismembering limbs will now yield gibs and audio. Decapitations will result in gibs, audio, and a stream of blood. Full-body gibbing now has better support. Enemies blown up by explosions will completely break into gibs and drop any items in their inventory onto the ground, and you are now able to shoot off all pieces of an EDF grunt. (As a bonus, most if not all EDF-grunt-related bugs and issues were fixed)

Shield Damage

(Pictured above: Unused EDF-grunt animation)

Next, I'd like to show some (WIP) additions to the grand canyon level.

This video showcases a combination of fixes. Lighting was added and tuned for the level, the gunship, jet, and mule were all finished and given proper keyframes, and finally, the jet's effects were fixed.

Next are some very exciting new contributions by Futuretime23

Holo Duke

The Holo-Duke in all its glory.

In addition to creating some very cool fixes to the AI of the Teslaraptors, AlienPigs, Turrets, and more, we now have an early glimpse at a working Sandworm!


He looks quite friendly.

As much as I'd like to keep writing this update, it would take days to showcase the improvements, so I will end it here. This update is merely to break the silence on DNF: dx. Of course, everything shown here is a work in progress, but it should indicate progress.

Rest assured. We won't introduce any new characters that have no basis in existing 3DR concepts and ideas. We are trying our hardest to capture 3DR's feel, intent, tone, and spirit with this mod when it comes to everything, whether it's enemy encounters, writing, or gameplay.

vini1264 - - 71 comments

Excellent stuff, really excited for DNFdx. Good luck on the project!

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xMobilemux - - 5 comments

Great stuff!

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SweetRamona - - 5,159 comments

Looks fantastic! 😺

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NicholasVancosky - - 39 comments

Totally tubular, Dude!

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gaspardos - - 5 comments

Wow. The gore system and particles looks amazing. Great work!

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Redxplatinum - - 7 comments


- LOTB Best Duke

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