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Time To Kill is a DLC reminiscent of RE3's Operation Mad Jackal. Unlock different stages and a greater arsenal with points earned in a challenging speed/ endurance run!

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The first DLC for Grave Prosperity: Redux titled "Time To Kill" is currently being developed! For anyone familiar with the classic RE3's minigame called "Operation Mad jackal," this DLC will be very similar to that idea.
Basically you will begin at one point of a stage and have to travel to the end of the stage within a certain time limit. Time will constantly deplete and you will have to defeat enemies along the way to replenish lost time in order to keep on going. The deeper you get into the stage, the tougher the enemies will become. If you run out of time or die, the game will be over and you will lose the points you gained in that session.
For each enemy you defeat, you will be rewarded with points (similar to EXP) that will go toward purchasing upgrades for future runs through the DLC. As of right now, the upgrades will consist of:

*Unlocking new more difficult stages to challenge yourself further
*Increasing max health and guard
*Increasing attack power
*Unlocking more healing items
*Unlocking a Revolver
*Unlocking a Shotgun
*Unlocking an Assault Rifle
*Unlocking a Flame Thrower
*Unlocking a Rocket Launcher
*Unlocking Infinite ammo for each individual weapon

There will likely be patches added to include more playable characters in the future as well. Also, for players who like to gamble with chance, there will be a point multiplier available after completing a stage. If you're feeling brave, you can attempt a second run through of the same stage with the same stats you just finished with. If you succeed in your second run you will get double the points you made from the first run on top of whatever you earn in the second run through. If you fail, however, you will lose all the points from the first run and the second. One more point on interest is an online VS. mode is also in the works.

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